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A Challenge, question or survey for my readers

Are IT people no longer fueled by Coffee?

At IBM’s headquarters, a contribution to cost saving is to shut down the catering services in all but one building from Friday mornings. This means that someone wanting a cup of coffee would have to walk 10 minutes to the … Continue reading

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Dear IT, Projects are your Children

We love our Children and we want them to grow up right, with good manners and appropriate attitudes towards the difficulties life will throw at them. When they are young we make rules that they don’t necessarily understand but have … Continue reading

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Avoiding Clutter in Systems Management

Software Factories: Part 2 will be coming along on Monday, but for now a change of topic onto Systems Management Out-of-the Box Systems Management Tools There are numerous systems Management tools out there and a lot of corporates own a … Continue reading

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I was reminded yesterday of an old American-Indian saying that says when you discover you’re riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount, but a colleague pointed out that there were other options available. So I quickly Googled … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! … Now get busy.

2007 is here(!) and hopefully the 007 part indicates a year full of amazing new tech toys. The rumours of the iPod Phone are everywhere, the Playstation 3 is looming, Windows Vista and Apple’s Leopard as set to challenge each … Continue reading

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