How Odd

Allow me a small rant if you would.
I tried to upgrade my data contract with my cellular service provider today. Ughhhzzz. I use a month-to-month service because I want to be able to switch providers should there be a price restructuring in South Africa. The bandwidth market is grossly overpriced here and we have seen several downward price adjustments in the last few years as a result of international competition.

Now all the service providers have month-to-month voice offerings, but vodacom does not have a monthly data product and Virgin does not have 3G, so for data I am with MTN. This month, I needed more than my 2gig bundle and wanted to add another 2gig. Guess what? It cannot be done. How insane is that? Here is a good customer who has exceeded his usage of your product and wants to buy more and you say sorry we cannot sell you any more unless you are prepared to pay 5 times more for the additional quantity. Wow! You would think selling a larger quantity to an existing customer would be something a company would like to do. Not so MTN. Clearly their pricing structure encorages people to buy LESS of their product. This must be some innovation in marketing that we did not cover at business school.

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2 Responses to How Odd

  1. Malcolm Mac Donald says:

    hah, yes I know. the USA are a little behind in mobile tech. When I lived there you had to pay to RECEIVE calls on a mobile phone.

  2. Astra says:

    Be glad you can get data in SA. In USA you cannot get data on a month to month. Data costs you $10 for 5MB on mobile phones here.

    However, if you are wanting connection from home, then you are smiling at roughly $30/month uncapped and 18MBps download.

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