Something about Minutes

Minutes of meetings have been around for a long time. Before email, they were circulated on paper to the attendees of the meeting. Nowdays they are circulated in a similar way, but the technology has changed – they are sent by email.

This has dealt with the following issues:

  • Paper consumption has been reduced
  • They can be easily forwarded to additional people

It has left the following problems though:

  • minutes clog up email inboxes
  • They remain difficult to find after a while
  • they can only be seen and searched by the recipients of the minutes

Enter Web 2.0

If we use an intranet/extranet based blogging solution as a method of publishing minutes, then we can solve several more problems:

  • Any person with access can search the minutes for mention of specific topics
  • Tags categories can be applied and searched.
  • Email box clutter reduced
  • there is always a place I can go to refer to old minutes
  • If I use an RSS-Reader I can carry historical, searchable minutes with me.
  • It is easy to comment on minutes and distribute changes.
  • Many blog solutions provide a subscribe-by-email module for those users who cannot adapt.

There are however certain issues:

  • Security requirements of certain minutes will mean they have to be handled differently
  • Version control of changes to Blog content is not very mature, or even desirable.
  • Users will need to learn to use RSS-Readers.

For the most part, this will be a great solution to make it much easier to share and distribute minutes.

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