Business Cost Effectiveness – The missing IT link

Very often a business will hand over a particular process to IT and once it is in place and automated it is “out of sight – out of mind”. As long as it doesn’t cause any trouble or disruptions the process is left to its own devices.


Business processes sometimes need to be retired and along with them the IT systems that support them.
This link is seldon drawn.

For example an IT system may be left supporting a business process which exists for a handful of clients who haven’t yet been migrated to some new product which has replaced the older one. The support of these systems comes at a cost and the ongoing IT processes to ensure their stability and recoverability remain intact. Very often these Business processes are then running at a loss and no-one is aware that this is the case because they have fallen under the radar.

This situation could continue for years until some crisis happens and the IT systems supporting this process need significant investment to keep them running and only then does the business notice that these systems have been running to support a few clients that they have failed to migrate off older products.

Enter BSM!

The processes and disciplines around BSM (Business Services Management) require Business Services to be mapped to IT components and could highlight early that there are components that the Business do not expect to exist any longer.

Once the BSM dashboards are published a business owner for a specific process should have some awareness of the costs and sub-processes that support a specific business process. This hopefully leads to the elimination of unprofitable IT processes and systems ealier rather than later.

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