Pricing SOA right

As an Internal IT service provider within a Large Corporate it is our responsibility to create an appropriate pricing model to ensure appropriate charge-back for the IT Services rendered on SOA deployments. The current thinking is to charge for the SOA services used by each business unit and to stop charging for the initial creation of these services where there is a potential for reuse.

The real challenge in creating the pricing model is to incentivise uptake of SOA, I.e. early adopters should benefit more than laggers.

An economic example of the current charge-back model is Negative inflation which is bad for the economy because if something will be cheaper tomorrow I will delay purchases. Small positive Inflation benefits the economy because purchase decisions are not delayed.

How do we incentivise the correct behavior with an appropriate charge-back model? How do we ensure that benefits of reuse are passed on to the early adopters? (I.e. creators of the opportunity to reuse)

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