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Comments or reviews on new technologies or new ways of implementing existing technologies

Software Factories: Part 1 – An Introduction

[Software Factories Series] Introduction I have been aware of the Concept of a Software Factory since about 2003. The Principle is very simple: If you are producing software, tool-up in order to produce good quality software that meets your requirements, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! … Now get busy.

2007 is here(!) and hopefully the 007 part indicates a year full of amazing new tech toys. The rumours of the iPod Phone are everywhere, the Playstation 3 is looming, Windows Vista and Apple’s Leopard as set to challenge each … Continue reading

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The difference between Enterprise 1.0 and 2.0 Applications

Although we have never referred to our current approach to collaboration within modern enterprises as Enterprise 1.0 it has become implicit due to the notion of Enterprise 2.0. This is an attempt to say, “This is new! Look at this: … Continue reading

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