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I had the unfortunate experience this last week of having to install Windows after several years of being Windows-free.  I am installing on 2 new Apple computers for some friends.  Windows is needed for some very specialised software that requires … Continue reading

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Our New Google Appliance Arrived!

The customary unboxing and installation post:

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The IT holy grail

Strategic Alignment of IT with the declared business strategy is a topic that seems to be widely regarded as a holy grail.  Something Everyone Strives for, but seldom achieves. In my last few roles I have encountered a number of … Continue reading

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TRIZ, but those Russians are clever!

A while back I came across a concept called TRIZ.  Concepts and techniques that are used in non-English speaking countries sometimes do not get translated quickly into use in our insular English worldview. Triz is a Russian Engineering tool that … Continue reading

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Are IT people no longer fueled by Coffee?

At IBM’s headquarters, a contribution to cost saving is to shut down the catering services in all but one building from Friday mornings. This means that someone wanting a cup of coffee would have to walk 10 minutes to the … Continue reading

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