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Some Observations on Dysfunction in organisations

The Leadership Problem I have noted with interest that many people inside organisations operate without regard for the good of the organisation, or with a grossly faulty view of what is good for the organisation. Some people operate with their own departments interests … Continue reading

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Why SoberCounsel, Why???

The Original concept of SoberCounsel was to be a source of sage advice for IT Professionals, but the speed of change in Business has triggered a need for an adjustment. It is no longer enough to simply plan a signalling … Continue reading

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Show me your Enterprise Architecture…

The Enterprise Architect or Chief Architect role is often a very murky space to play, because people ask to see this “Enterprise Architecture”, and that unfortunately means different things to different people.  If you asked me for the “Enterprise Architecture” … Continue reading

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Agile adds Discipline

I have often found that corporates are prepared to spend huge amounts of money to maintain control and manage risks.  Risk is typically calculated as the product of probability of the risk materialising and Impact of the risk materialising. Agile … Continue reading

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A brief look forward

Here are the slides I presented at the Enterprise Risk Management Africa 2013 conference. Hopefully I’ll find the time to comment soon. Attachments A BRIEF LOOK FORWARD (4 MB)

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