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39 TRIZ Features – long overdue

TRIZ is an engineering concept created a long time ago in Russia.  It proposes that there are 39 main features to any system, and that these can sometimes be conflicting, like for example speed and reliability in a Formula 1 … Continue reading

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Some Observations on Dysfunction in organisations

The Leadership Problem I have noted with interest that many people inside organisations operate without regard for the good of the organisation, or with a grossly faulty view of what is good for the organisation. Some people operate with their own departments interests … Continue reading

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Why SoberCounsel, Why???

The Original concept of SoberCounsel was to be a source of sage advice for IT Professionals, but the speed of change in Business has triggered a need for an adjustment. It is no longer enough to simply plan a signalling … Continue reading

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I had the unfortunate experience this last week of having to install Windows after several years of being Windows-free.  I am installing on 2 new Apple computers for some friends.  Windows is needed for some very specialised software that requires … Continue reading

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Show me your Enterprise Architecture…

The Enterprise Architect or Chief Architect role is often a very murky space to play, because people ask to see this “Enterprise Architecture”, and that unfortunately means different things to different people.  If you asked me for the “Enterprise Architecture” … Continue reading

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