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The difference between Enterprise 1.0 and 2.0 Applications

Although we have never referred to our current approach to collaboration within modern enterprises as Enterprise 1.0 it has become implicit due to the notion of Enterprise 2.0. This is an attempt to say, “This is new! Look at this: … Continue reading

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Auditors are your friends – The Business Case for Infrastructure

Andrew McAfee in his blog entitiled “Still on the Case of the Business Case” speaks about the misuse of ROI as a basis for the business case for IT projects. The Primary reason given is that the link between technology … Continue reading

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Business Cost Effectiveness – The missing IT link

Very often a business will hand over a particular process to IT and once it is in place and automated it is “out of sight – out of mind”. As long as it doesn’t cause any trouble or disruptions the … Continue reading

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ITSM blah blah blah!

It seems that everyone is talking about implementing ITIL or doing service management properly, but no-one seems to have a process by which to do this. There are a lot of Frameworks lurking about in various IT companies and none … Continue reading

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Pricing SOA right

As an Internal IT service provider within a Large Corporate it is our responsibility to create an appropriate pricing model to ensure appropriate charge-back for the IT Services rendered on SOA deployments. The current thinking is to charge for the … Continue reading

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