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Outsourcing: A symptom of poor Governance!

In their book entitled “IT Governance: How top performers Manage IT decision rights for Superior Results,” Peter Weill and Jeanne Ross list some of the symptoms of poor IT Governance. Notably they cite “Senior Management Sees Outsourcing as a Quick … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! … Now get busy.

2007 is here(!) and hopefully the 007 part indicates a year full of amazing new tech toys. The rumours of the iPod Phone are everywhere, the Playstation 3 is looming, Windows Vista and Apple’s Leopard as set to challenge each … Continue reading

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Never Give Up!

There are many occurrences in IT management that continue to amaze me. They happen so often that I have decided to call some of them “Laws of IT Management.” Some Sober laws of IT Management The Law of the Surprise … Continue reading

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New Site

I have renamed and moved “The Smell of Fresh Technology” to its new home at where it will be known as “Sober Counsel” (surprise surprise) If you have subscribed via Feedburner your subscription will continue, if not – better … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Important Decisions

The problem is: A decision is needed. Almost everyone agrees that it isn’t really important what the outcome is, as long as an outcome is reached. The decision is therefore arbitrary, but is important. Who will take responsibility?: This doesn’t … Continue reading

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