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MAC OS X Leopard Install

Wow! Just got my copy of Leopard. Unfortunately no family pack’s available, so I’ll install on one Mac, sell this copy to a friend with only one Mac (shame) once the family pack arrives and proceed appropriately.The new packaging is … Continue reading

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Something about Minutes

Minutes of meetings have been around for a long time. Before email, they were circulated on paper to the attendees of the meeting. Nowdays they are circulated in a similar way, but the technology has changed – they are sent … Continue reading

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The formula for Systems Monitoring

In Formula 1 racing, monitoring and management are designed in from the beginning. All of the teams know they cannot be competitive without it and they are certain that they would not be competitive if they ignored the information provided … Continue reading

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Dear IT, Projects are your Children

We love our Children and we want them to grow up right, with good manners and appropriate attitudes towards the difficulties life will throw at them. When they are young we make rules that they don’t necessarily understand but have … Continue reading

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Software Factories: Part 3 – Smart Clients

[Software Factories Series] A custom smart client can go a long way to addressing your Software factory needs and is in my opinion one of the most effective ways of reducing ongoing development effort. A Smart-client can address many non-functional … Continue reading

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