From Planes to Trains

I’ll be starting today at PRASA (Passenger Rail Agency South Africa).  There are a number of reasons for this move, but primarily it is an opportunity to do even more for South Africa, that will impact more people.

Also this role presents the challenge of unifying solutions across previously disparate organistions.  Something I am familiar with from my time in Stockbroking IT, where company mergers happened fairly often.

My presentation for “Help Desk & IT Service Management World Africa 2009” (whew, what a name) is coming along, and I’m hoping it will be a lot of fun, as well as giving everyone some useful thinking tools.

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  1. Hi Shepherd
    Thanks for your comment. It is my humble opinion that the management issues outweighed the budget constraints.

  2. Shepherd Mlambo says:

    How would you rate the support of the organisation to achieve the objectives of your roadmap within PRASA?

    Would you consider management commitment or lack of budget to be major cause for the slow progress in the integration and modernisation of the PRASA environment. The SAP project seems to be never ending with constant rotation of project managers and little visible progress to the naked eye.

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