I was reminded yesterday of an old American-Indian saying that says when you discover you’re riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount, but a colleague pointed out that there were other options available.

So I quickly Googled “How to ride a dead horse” and found a few sites quoting alternate strategies, which are worth a read.

They are all fairly similar and very funny… and unfortunately too true.

I began to wonder how those horses died. The proverb says “When you discover you are riding a dead horse…” , but there are several possible ways you got into that situation:

  • Maybe the horse was dead when you got it
  • Maybe you rode the horse too hard
  • Maybe you forgot to feed and water the horse
  • Maybe the horse got sick and you didn’t get it to a vet who could help
  • Maybe someone shot the horse, because it had a broken leg (which you should have noticed if you are riding it)
  • Maybe some enemy shot the horse to further his own causes
  • Maybe the horse died of old age

bears some discussion…

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