Never Give Up!

There are many occurrences in IT management that continue to amaze me.
They happen so often that I have decided to call some of them “Laws of IT Management.”

Some Sober laws of IT Management

  • The Law of the Surprise Victory:
    • Just when you’re about to give up is when you suddenly succeed
    • The Law Unpacked:
      • Even if you think you are shouting against thunder and that you are the only person who can see the disaster looming, don’t give up on raising the issue. If you are sure you are right, then don’t lose confidence. Eventually sense will prevail – and usually it will happen when you least expect it, or when you feel particularly low about the fact that no-one is listening.
  • The Law of anti-Halation:
    • As an IT Manager, you will very seldom be the hero or the saviour of the day.
    • The Law Unpacked:
      • Just days before the plans you have been working to motivate for
        years can actually be implemented, a directly related crisis occurs
        which requires that you rush the implementation to resolve the crisis.
        You are then in trouble for not having implemented the solution earlier.
      • Accept it. Your wonderful solution to a problem you have known about for a long time will be turned into a damage limitation exercise at the last minute.
      • When I miss a turn or take another route, the Navigation system in my car simply recalculates the new route to my destination based on where I happen to be at that moment. It doesn’t get angry with me for missing the turn.
      • Do the same. Don’t get overly upset, clearly communicate the facts, then replan based on the newest turn of events.

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